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The Practice

      After fighting on behalf of parents and children and their civil rights for nearly fifteen years at several public interest law firms and the United States Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, David Giles established his private practice representing parents and children in education law cases, including special education, discipline, bullying, residency, discrimination and other school-related cases. With over twenty-five years of experience in both education and education law (for more information about David Giles, click here), Mr. Giles brings to the practice a wide range and depth of knowledge related to education law and a wealth of experience in working with schools, school districts, state and federal education agencies, the Office of Administrative Law and state and federal courts.

      When parents seek an education lawyer, it is usually because their child is being denied an educational program or services they need, being treated unfairly or even being harmed at school. Parents can find themselves in a situation they never anticipated, often feeling desperate and overwhelmed. With his substantial experience, Mr. Giles helps his clients understand their children’s rights, school practices and procedures available to protect their children’s rights to fair treatment and appropriate services. Mr. Giles helps his clients identify their priorities and pursue effective strategies to accomplish their goals.

      While litigation is sometimes necessary, many disputes can be resolved without a hearing or trial. Recognizing the importance of maintaining a working relationship between parents and schools and of avoiding unnecessary litigation, Mr. Giles will always try to resolve a dispute by negotiating a voluntary agreement that meets his client’s goals. Depending on particular circumstances, he can often help the parties reach a mutually agreeable resolution.

      Unfortunately, school districts are not always willing to agree to a reasonable solution. For those cases, Mr. Giles’ extensive experience representing parents and children before school district boards of education, state departments of education, the Office of Administrative Law and state and federal trial and appellate courts has prepared him well to represent his clients in education law cases.

      Mr. Giles is available for legal consultations, representing parents and students, and delivering presentations and workshops related to student rights. For information on how to contact Mr. Giles, click here.

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